Extending the Life of Your Two-Way Radios

durable Two Way Radio in rubble

Although two way radios are great products, they can be a large investment initially. Our Two-way radios are tough and durable, and with proper care and maintenance they can last you a very long time. To get the most out of your investment, use the tips we have listed below for extending the life of your two way radio!

durable Two Way Radio in rubble

Proper Care:

  • Take proper care of your radio by grabbing it by the body as opposed to the antenna.
  • Avoid dropping your radio by using accessories such as a belt clip or a protective case to keep it in its place. Though our radios are very durable, limiting the amount of times they are dropped will ultimately help extend its life!


  • Replace parts on your radio such as the antenna and the battery as they are needed.
  • Read and follow the specific charging instructions for your two way radio.
  • Keep your radio turned off while it’s charging. If you keep it on, your radio will be drawing current and charging at the same time. This can end up shortening the lifespan of the battery.
  • Avoid over charging your batteries by unpluging them when they are fully charged.


  • Wipe down the surface of the radio with a soft microfibre cloth. Only use a very little amount of water on the cloth if needed.
  • Never immerse your two-way radio in water to clean it.
  • Strong chemicals are not necessary.


  • The ideal environment for storing your radio in is a dry and room temperature place.
  • Limit exposure to extreme weather conditions; excessive cold or heat. This will prevent damage to the batteries as moisture could corrode them over time.
  • When storing your two-way radios, make sure it’s turned off and batteries are removed.


Two-way radios are one of the most durable communication solutions. Extending the life of your two way radio and furthering your investment is easy if you take the steps to care for them properly. The better you care for your radio, the longer you will have reliable communications, and the larger you return on your investment will be.