Improve your mobile or portable 2 way radio’s performance with our full lineup of Motorola Solutions and VX series accessories.   Built to meet exacting standards, our 2 way radio accessories will provide you with an enhanced communication experience you can depend on.  We offer the most versatile and complete inventory of mobile radio and portable radio accessories in Canada, which includes:

  • Chargers (single & multi-unit)
  • External power supplies
  • Microphones (speaker, desktop, submersible, palm)
  • Bluetooth earpieces
  • Batteries
  • Speakers
  • Earbuds
  • Surveillance kits
  • Carrying & storage cases
  • Plug-in line filters
  • Antennas
  • Power cables
  • Belt & hang-up clips
  • Mounting brackets

Each of our accessories are compatible to a specific Motorola Solutions portable two-way radio, or mobile 2 way radio, and are designed to support the improvement of your communication abilities. Your personal, or commercial or industrial business application demands the very best from Canada Two Way’s mobile and portable radios, so don’t settle for less from our accessories. Our company ships to every city and province in Canada, including Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta. Contact us to learn more, and please browse through our selection of durable Motorola mobile and portable accessories below.

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