Purchasing Pre-Programmed Two-Way Radios with Canadian and American Frequencies

man using walkie talkie

man using walkie talkie

Canadian Frequencies 

Industry Canada (formally known as the Department of Communications) is the federal department responsible for all frequencies in the radio spectrum. They are also responsible for all aspects of radio systems, including equipment and towers in Canada.

Industry Canada – Radio Spectrum Allocations in Canada



American Frequencies

The Department of Commerce is responsible for all frequencies in the radio spectrum and all aspects of radio systems including equipment and towers in America.

U.S. Department of Commerce – United States Frequency Allocations Radio Spectrum

2003-allochrt – USA


When you purchase pre-programmed two-way radios, it is certainly important to use the correct frequencies for your location. For example: If you use your radios in Canada, you need radios pre-programmed with Canadian frequencies. Likewise, if you use your radios in America, you need radios pre-programmed with American frequencies. The charts above shows the radio spectrum allocated to each country. Both are in different frequencies because they are separately handled in different departments.

When you purchase pre-programmed radios in different frequencies, your two-way radios will not be able to link together. In other words, you cannot communicate your first set of radios with your second set of radios. This is because Canadian frequencies are not compatible with American Frequencies.


Canada Two Way only ships within Canada, therefore we only sell pre-programmed two-way radios with Canadian frequencies.

Here is our list of Motorola two-way radios pre-programmed with Canadian frequencies.







GMRS Consumer two-way radios